Offpod Series Episode 02

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021
The guys talk tweets, wafflehouse records, frontmen and get listening to some offpod songs.

Show Notes

The guys end up discussing the twitter timeline we’ve created from following a new musician each week. It’s certainly interesting.

The most recent post from our connections on MySpace is from 2016. But obviously, we still use it because it’s funny. Jason asks how we can prevent politicians from using our songs at political rallies. I think we’ve figured out that these songs are terrible enough that this isn’t a real concern. We landed on using the ‘express written consent’ spiel from Major League Baseball.

We also go on a tangent about Waffle House having their own record label. Yeah, this is good stuff.

“Since we don’t have sponsors, you can just mail us money…or waffles.”

We go over a song about Macro Economics and conspiracies as well as a song about an everyday object in your home.

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Jason has called Mike the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He once tasted the color the purple, and will never be the same. He also really enjoys laughing with his friends.



Mike has been called the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He’s the primary person responsible for making the music, so you can blame most of what you hate about this podcast on him.



Jeremy is a tenor and likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and watching sunsets on the beach. He isn’t always present, but his presence can always be felt. Once, he met a dog named Andy. He is a lawyer by trade and a lover by reputation.