S02e18 - Ringworm Redux From a Guest Musician

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022
Episode where Jason, Mike and Jeremy recap the 16 songs we made this season and figure which one(s) is the worst.

Show Notes

The Worst Song Pod has it’s first ever guest – a real musician!

Ok, that is offensive to Mike, but seriously we got a rocker. An honest to goodness rocker! Tight leather pants and all.

Jason gives him the task of transforming one of our tunes with superfluous rules – one he has never heard before. How will it turn out? Can our songs be saved? Are the guys accidental geniuses? All I can report is our guest did say we are a “podcast for smart people who love dumb things”.

It might be the greatest compliment we ever receive.

You’re probably better than Richard Marx. Also, we followed Richard Marx on the twitters. He’s surprisingly very active there.

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Mike has been called the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He’s the primary person responsible for making the music, so you can blame most of what you hate about this podcast on him.



Jason has called Mike the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He once tasted the color the purple, and will never be the same. He also really enjoys laughing with his friends.



Jeremy is a tenor and likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and watching sunsets on the beach. He isn’t always present, but his presence can always be felt. Once, he met a dog named Andy. He is a lawyer by trade and a lover by reputation.