S02e09 - Who Let the OC Out?

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022
Who Let the Dogs Out meets televisions best early 2000s drama, The OC. What can go right?

Show Notes

Would you ever lie to someone by falsely claiming you wrote a shitty song? Let’s say you wished you Who let the dogs out. Well, Mike finally relents and writes a song about the greatest song of all time. In human history. Ever. Period. (According to some hosts on this podcast).

The only problem is that he throws it in a blender with the early 2000’s TV hit The OC, and hot moms – all without indie rock cred. Prepare to be disappointed.

You know, same ole same ole.

Nothing like old dudes talking about a 20 year old TV shows about high school kids. Also prison life pro tips. And yes, Jason once had a seagull poop into his armpit.

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Jason has called Mike the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He once tasted the color the purple, and will never be the same. He also really enjoys laughing with his friends.



Mike has been called the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He’s the primary person responsible for making the music, so you can blame most of what you hate about this podcast on him.



Jeremy is a tenor and likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and watching sunsets on the beach. He isn’t always present, but his presence can always be felt. Once, he met a dog named Andy. He is a lawyer by trade and a lover by reputation.