S02e06 - DJ Allrise

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 28, 2021
The guys talk books, movies, dumb ideas and somehow create a song based on a bailiff. He’s bailiff by day, and a DJ by night. Meet DJ Allrise.

Show Notes

We’re back. We took a hiatuas for no real reason, but it’s our podcast and we can do whatever we want.

Do you like movies based on books which are based on movies? We don’t know if this has ever happened, but we talk about it anyway.

In the 1980’s no one knew how to end a song – hence the often used fade out technique.

What a dumb way to end a song.

Since we are leaders, we choose to do the opposite. Fade in. Take it to the max. Like Barney Stinson. All Rise! Be warned, this club song could easily induce pregnancy. Legally speaking.

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Jason has called Mike the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He once tasted the color the purple, and will never be the same. He also really enjoys laughing with his friends.



Mike has been called the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He’s the primary person responsible for making the music, so you can blame most of what you hate about this podcast on him.



Jeremy is a tenor and likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and watching sunsets on the beach. He isn’t always present, but his presence can always be felt. Once, he met a dog named Andy. He is a lawyer by trade and a lover by reputation.