S02e05 - Reggae

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021
Between irreverent conversation, questions and metaphor requests, they guys make the obvious leap into Reggae.

Show Notes

“All songs are about f*****ing – Dave Mathews.” – Mike (So probably not an accurate quote)

Was Dave telling the truth? Was it tongue in cheek? Can you write a song that is all innuendo without any of the innuendo? If so, is it somehow appropriate for the masses? Or it just might be our dumbest song ever.

Wait, Reggae? Really?

This week the guys attempt to see if reggae is the easiest music genre to master, or if it happens to be perfect for their services.

Jason also introduces us to Jon Benjamin’s “Well I should have…Learned how to play piano” – a “jazz” album from the voice behind Archer, Bob’s Burgers, etc. It’s amazing.

We follow Jaden Smith on Twitter, because somehow we weren’t doing that already.

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Jason has called Mike the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He once tasted the color the purple, and will never be the same. He also really enjoys laughing with his friends.



Mike has been called the man with the golden pipes, a jerk, and hey you. He’s the primary person responsible for making the music, so you can blame most of what you hate about this podcast on him.



Jeremy is a tenor and likes long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach and watching sunsets on the beach. He isn’t always present, but his presence can always be felt. Once, he met a dog named Andy. He is a lawyer by trade and a lover by reputation.